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Who We Are

Continuous innovation and consistent quality strategy…

Archem Diagnostics; Our main focus is IVD reagents manufacturing and marketing. Having started its operations in 1998, Archem Diagnostics is one of the well-established biochemistry and hematology reagents manufacturer companies in Turkey. Our products meet the criteria of stability, quality and reliability. Archem has attained the consistent high quality level on the products by implementing well-established quality policies, ERP system-supported advanced manufacturing technology intertwined with a collaborative effort of highly-educated experts and personnel. Having adhered to the aforementioned principles for more than 20 years along with the new born vision of our company which is meant to serve not only customers in Turkey but also our promising international customers all over the world.

Along with 20 years of production experience Archem has been for 6 years manufacturing biochemistry reagents in collaboration with the 2nd prominent IVD global company in the world all of which are contract-based manufactured products.

Utilizing its own advanced R&D technology, Archem’s products are the most meticulously sophisticated reagents in the market; the reason for which, we are trusted suppliers for the 2nd  prominent IVD global company which has recently had a vested interest in Archem.

*Analyzer-specific wedge barcoded reagents are filled in original vials for biochemistry auto analyzers. (Listed below)
*RAP (Ready Application Parameters ) are tested and proved to work efficiently and thus compatibility is ensured. (Listed below)
*CLSI-based validation is provided upon request for biochemistry auto analyzers listed below;

Abbott Architect (c8000, c16000)
Siemens Advia (1200,1800,2400)
Siemens Dimension Series (RxLMax)
Vitros ECIKonelab-Thermo Series
Hitachi Series

Mindray Series (BS120, BS200, BS380,
                        BS400, BS800)
Olympus AU Series (2700, 480, 640 etc)
Human Seris, Humastar
Prestige, Biolis Series

Cobas-Integra Series
Dirui CS Series (6400, CS4000)
Ilab Series
Biotechnica Series
Erba Series (XL600, XL1000)
Randox (Imaola, Daytona)

With the diligence and dedication of our accomplished staff which is comprised of highly qualified, academically supported and well-trained personnel equipped with cutting-edge technology; Archem Diagnostic develops innovative ideas and approaches by conducting rigorous R&D studies.

Working hand in hand with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), KOSGEB, Universities-Academic institutions Archem has gained significant level of product and production technology which mades signifcant achievement on;

*Long shelf life products,
*Niche products on specific biomarkers,
*Stable product with long on board stability,
*High analytic performance 

Archem's innovative approach to diagnostics has facilitated the development of revolutionary products designed specifically to enhance a patients’ quality of life.

Contact Information

Ikitelli Organize Sanayi BolgesiMutsan Sanayi Sitesi 8. Blok No: 48, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY

Phone Number: 444 0 892 (PBX)
Fax: +(90) 212 629 98 89

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