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Kısıklı Mah., Alemdağ Cad., Masaldan İş Merkezi/E.Apt., No:60, E/2, ÜSKÜDAR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY

Our company Bilbest Software and Engineering was established in 2002. We have grown big as professionals in the area of health and information systems. As a company, we have achieved great success and set valuable standards and high-scaled R&D related health projects on national and international level.

Today, the company has 31 qualified staff members. Most of them are experts in the design and development of software solutions for health systems. In line with this, the company has a profound experience in creating solutions for big data management. We are pleased to offer our expertise in cloud computing and big data management in the health sector in particular. Regarding this, it can be stated that our solutions are based on our own technologies for high performance and highly-parallel data processing for large scale and high velocity data.

We also have deep experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In health sector, we use AI in order to optimise workflows, increase productivity and quality of care to make operational processes less expensive and efficient. For example, using AI, we assist medical practitioners and provide health advice to patients by utilising AI algorithms and tools. In our country, we are one of the pioneering organizations, providing service for cloud computing strategies and big data management especially in the health sector (in general, we are using NoSQL tools in order to establish robust decision-making frameworks to determine which workloads and applications can be migrated as-is and which should be re-architected).

Internationally, we have also completed a valuable Project related to Health Management System in Sudan. This Project has been designed and developed within the frame of “Sudan National e-Health Project”. During the design of the database structure, Couchbase NoSQL is used. The program is still being used by some of the hospitals in the Country.

We have made valuable contributions related to our National Health System. This project has been designed and developed in order to ensure the sustainability of many health applications (which were designed/developed under the body of the Ministry of Health) in an integrated structure and to eliminate the unnecessary/uneffective health applications. Therefore, the integrated structure aims to determine the frame of National Health Information System. The project primarily aims to ensure an effective/feasible project scheduling for the purpose of effective/productive project management.

Today, the system collects medical data from more than 30.000 health institutions. This means more than 80 million people's medical data is stored. Thus, a single healthcare repository is built. Currently, more than 15 million users (including practitioners and data owners) can make queries from the repository (it includes the information related to physical examination results, prescriptions, laboratory examination results, invoices etc.). Under this repository, almost 100 million transactions are stored daily and almost 15 TB data (almost 75 data nodes) is stored safely. During the design of the database structure, Couchbase NoSQL is used while ASP.NET, Javascript(NodeJS) are used as the programming languages. In summary, all the citizens' health data is kept under this system and the service is provided for more than 15 million people for the application functioning in both, on IOS and Android platforms. There are more than 150 servers in the system and approximately 1,5 billion data is kept on all of these servers.

Bilbest also acquires ISO 27001-2013, ISO 9001-2019 and TS ISO/IEC 15504 certificates. In addition to these, 'SBS (Sağlık Bilgi Sistemi)', 'HIS (Health Information Systems)', 'HBYSAKADEMİ' trademarks are also registered by Bilbest.

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Kısıklı Mah., Alemdağ Cad., Masaldan İş Merkezi/E.Apt., No:60, E/2, ÜSKÜDAR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY

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