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Elektro - Mag A.S.

I.O.S.B. Demirciler Sit. B7 Blok No:153, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY

Elektro-mag, founded and established with native fund, actively operates in the laboratory, medical and industrial sectors since 1968 and with customers worldwide, Elektro-mag shares a favorable reputation in both Turkish and international market place complete with hundreds of distributors.

Elektro-mag has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to international needs for innovative and quality products. A primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction. Elektro-mag constantly analyzes market needs in domestic market as well as around the world to develop a full range of products for healthcare, industry, education and business use.

By widening it’s product range according to it’s research-development ( R&D ) studies and requests coming from the sector, Elektro-mag targets to take place within the world’s leaders. Today, due to quality and variety, Elektro-mag products are in demand in both international and domestic markets.

Manufacturing by “Customer Focused Quality Vision”, Elektro-mag obtained ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485 : 2003 international quality certificates. Additionally each of Elektro-mag’s CE certified products go through constant quality control. Elektro-mag have obtained CE 1984 certificate for medical equipments as well.

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I.O.S.B. Demirciler Sit. B7 Blok No:153, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL, TURKEY

Phone Number: +90 212 549 55 25
Fax: +90 212 549 55 25

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