Robotic Spinal Decompression - Spinatrak

SpinaTrak is a spinal decompression device used in the treatment of lumbar and cervical disc herniation. The unique robotic decompression treatment system is used to reduce and stop acute or chronic neck and back pains and treat spinal diseases, including disc herniation.  

The main objective of the system is separating the vertebrae and relieving the internal pressure of the discs.  

Different from the single-axis traction systems, the matchless design of SpinaTrak robotic spinal decompression device allows for decompression by 3-dimensional patient positioning. This enables you to position all of the spine movements of your patient in accordance with anatomy. The patented positioning system of SpinaTrak provides you with the opportunity to position your patient 3-dimensionally during decompression in accordance with the spinal anatomy. 

Spinal positioning on a total of 11 axes in the cervical and lumbar regions can only be performed using SpinaTrak. Thanks to the robotic decompression system and multi-axis positioning, intervertebral disc pressure is decreased 3-dimensionally. 

The computer-controlled robotic decompression system of SpinaTrak offers a comfortable and safe treatment for your patient. 

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