E-Nabız Mobile Application

This application is a native application. The application has been developed only in Turkish and has been developed for both IOS and Android platforms. A broad software team worked in the development of this application and development was made using Objective-C for IOS platform and Java for Android platform.


The Application is a system that extracts data online from all public health care institutions of our country (including family physicians and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade hospitals) and all healthcare units and provide this data to citizens as certain data groups. These groupings can be made according to certain query criteria.


The application receives health data through a centralized system. In the application, under the tab of 'Health Facility Visits', examination appointments from health units such as hospitals, family physicians, health centers and diagnoses made by the doctor, given prescriptions, tests (including imaging) performed in labs and test results can be viewed. Since persons previous data is kept in the system, it is possible to compare the old and new dated data, and in these comparisons, it is also possible to display these comparisons with graphics. Allergy information to be entered by the patient herself/himself is also displayed. In addition, the health reports given to the person by the relevant health institution can be displayed and in addition to all these features, the application allows the person to rate the health institutions. Moreover, there is a button related to 'Emergency’ situations within the application, if this button is pressed, '112' is automatically called and the location of the caller is transmitted to the center immediately. Regarding medication use, a reminder can be placed in the 'Medication' tag in the application, and the system can be set to warn the patient when the time to take medication comes.


One of the most important features of the application is that the person who wants to donate blood can register himself as a 'volunteer donor'. By this way, patients will have the feature of receiving SMS notifications on the subject and will also be able to query donation stations where they can donate blood. Some screenshots related to the application are displayed below.

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